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Your pupils, your staff, your school, your direction.

Our professional services are designed to support and guide you through the process of implementing a new system into your school, ensuring you get the most out of our technology, and allowing you to clearly demonstrate the impact of your investment. Take a look at a few of our success stories to see how InfoMentor has made an impact in the following schools.

St Bartholomew’s Primary School Case Study

St Bartholomew’s is a small, single form entry Church of England primary school located in North Tyneside. After embracing the changes in assessment and curriculum in 2014 and focusing on developing a framework that was right for their school, their path led them to use InfoMentor. They discovered that more traditional tracking and analysing systems failed to meet the needs of the changing educational landscape. Richard Restall, Headteacher states: “When we came to consider InfoMentor it quickly became clear that it was tailor-made for our curriculum, as it was bespoke enough to hold our curriculum detail and it gave us the opportunity to assess what was being taught in the way we wished. We were also challenged to think differently about our approach – in a way that made all involved consider what we wanted to achieve and the best way to do it.”


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