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InfoMentor for Multi-Academy Trusts

Schools within a Multi-Academy Trust often benefit from centralised services across areas such as personnel, finance and purchasing. Whilst the task of improving teaching standards is a priority for Multi-Academy Trusts, delivering this across multiple schools has its challenges, including geographical spread, cost, staff and other resources.

InfoMentor is a complete solution for the creation, delivery and monitoring of teaching and learning across your Multi-Academy Trust. It seamlessly combines curriculum planning, pupil assessment, progress analysis and parental engagement in one system.

Create and share one curriculum for all

The curriculum is at the very heart of your Multi-Academy Trust. Whether you’re using the National Curriculum, your own bespoke version, or a combination of both, InfoMentor’s sophisticated curriculum design tools make it easy to create and share a common curriculum for your Multi-Academy Trust.

This can then be deployed across multiple schools in just a few clicks, making life easier for the curriculum coordinators in each school by avoiding the need to share spreadsheets or work from numerous print-outs.

Align your lesson planning

InfoMentor enables teachers to work collaboratively on their lesson planning. They can quickly create new topics and lesson plans or choose from templates stored in your Multi-Academy Trust’s planning library. As planning is linked to your curriculum, teachers can easily see what they have taught and what they still need to teach; enabling them to personalise their planning to meet the needs of each class.

Lesson planning can be accessed and shared by everyone, so each school will benefit from collaborative best practice whilst actively contributing to the success of the entire Multi-Academy Trust.

Accurate assessment that informs pupil progress

By using InfoMentor’s accurate formative and summative assessment tools, a common assessment policy can be delivered across the schools in your Multi-Academy Trust. The recording of assessments is combined with planning; avoiding any duplication of work caused from using a separate tracking system.

Your existing assessment framework can be accommodated, so teachers can make their formative assessments at the point of learning with a mark scheme they are familiar with. These then help to create summative assessments which teachers can use to make accurate judgements that help to advance the progress of your pupils.

Complete visibility across all schools

With a standardised curriculum and assessment framework, you can easily compare school and pupil performance across all the schools in your MAT. InfoMentor increases transparency which helps you to monitor and improve planning, assessment and reporting. This ultimately improves the teaching and learning experience for your pupils and helps them to reach their full potential.


Supporting your schools

As InfoMentor is rolled out across your Multi-Academy Trust, you’ll create a community of educators who embrace best practice and thrive on collaborative teaching.

Our experienced team of education specialists and InfoMentor experts will work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your Multi-Academy Trust. Through on-site workshops and regular online training, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure InfoMentor is a success.



Our experts will work closely with you to ensure that InfoMentor is integrated successfully in your Multi-Academy Trust



Our team of experienced teachers and school leaders will be with you every step of the way



You’ll receive both on-site and online training to ensure that InfoMentor meets your specific requirements

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