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"Tackling teacher workload and improving well-being"

Time to Teach

Our experienced education specialists understand the pressures felt in today’s classrooms. We, therefore, created InfoMentor as a comprehensive solution for primary age schools, special educational needs schools and academies, essentially giving you more time to do what you do best – teach!

Curriculum at the heart

InfoMentor has unique planning tools that can be used to create, manage and teach a curriculum that is relevant and engaging. Your school’s own curriculum and assessment framework can be applied, or choose from recognised curriculum partner’s including Pearson, Rising Stars and NAHT.

Simple, cloud based solution

By using our simple, cloud based solution, you can share resources, objectives and assignments, which can be linked to your long, medium or short-term planning. In-depth lessons can be developed and accessed anywhere, at any time.

Assess each pupil on their understanding of a topic and identify areas where individuals need further support.

Lesson planning made easy

InfoMentor can make your life easier. By linking to your school’s curriculum, lesson planning is contained in one place and isn’t spread across multiple documents and systems.

Step 1: Start with your curriculum and link chosen areas to your planning
Step 2: Select the lesson you wish to teach and view the curriculum statements you aim to cover during that lesson
Step 3: Automatically share what you will be covering in your lessons with pupils and parents.

Assess at the point of learning using your school’s chosen mark scheme.

Assessment at the point of learning

By showing just the assessable content for your lesson, you can quickly access information without scrolling through large amounts of work. With InfoMentor’s cloud based technology, formative assessments can be take place in the classroom at the point of learning, combining icon-based assessment with a markbook that is linked to your lesson planning. You can also share individual pupil portfolios containing photo and video evidence with parents.

Share pupil portfolios with parents to communicate learning objectives, lessons and progress.

Information at your fingertips

All the information you need to make accurate end of term summative assessments is available at your fingertips. InfoMentor can help you to quickly review a pupil’s formative assessment or examine any evidence and notes left throughout the term. You can also view the progress of your class throughout their time at school and read pupil comments left by your colleagues from previous years.

InfoMentor will transform your school and equip you so that you can more efficiently focus on the development of each and every child

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