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"Complete visibility
of your child's progress."

Time to Shine

As a parent, you want to give your child the best opportunities in life so that they can shine and reach their full potential. Their education is a key part of this and you want to keep up to date with your child’s school progress to ensure you can provide support and guidance where needed. The InfoMentor platform gives you complete visibility of your child’s learning and allows you to communicate with teachers via our user-friendly interface. You can see up to date assessments of your child’s understanding and evidence of their progress, with any areas for improvement clearly identified.

Available whenever you need it

You can access the InfoMentor platform whenever and wherever you need it to see news, messages and engage with each other in a collaborative and self-directed learning process. You can easily, with a simple click of a button, keep up to date with school events through the school calendar, timetable, as well as your child’s assignments.

InfoMentor allows you to communicate with teachers via our user-friendly interface.

Knowledge is power

A school’s curriculum is at the very heart of InfoMentor, so you will be able to see what part of the curriculum your child is covering through clear and visible units of topic learning. This gives you the perfect opportunity to understand exactly what your child is currently learning at school, giving them the support they need, when they need it. InfoMentor gives you the ability to view your child’s assessment evidence portfolio where examples of their assessments are stored, for example photos, videos and work, all available to view at your leisure.

View your child’s work in InfoMentor’s pupil assessment evidence portfolio.

Working with your child

By using InfoMentor, both you and your child can work in partnership with teachers directly on their profile or through a safe, internal direct messaging feature. Your child can view, complete and submit assignments online and with your visibility, making working at home an ideal opportunity to sit down together.

InfoMentor helps you to easily connect with teachers, sharing your individual child’s progress through its simple and user-friendly interface.

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