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"Enabling pupils to make good progress and achieve well.”

Assess pupils against your chosen curriculum, then easily analyse and monitor progress

Assessment in InfoMentor is designed to be flexible to suit the needs of any school. Apply your own curriculum and assessment policy, or use a pre-existing framework from one of our partners.

Improve efficiency and save time by recording formative assessment directly into InfoMentor, using different devices during lessons, whilst marking books, or at any time you choose.

Upload evidence, write comments and view progress, to get a thorough understanding of what pupils can and can’t do. Make summative and accurate judgements based on relevant data that has been collected in real time.

Analyse both formative and summative data to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, and to get an overview of progress for a group or cohort.

Create and view bespoke data reports showing percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard, and use flexible filters to easily identify those who need further support.


Analyse and Assessment Grid

Frameworks available in InfoMentor

NAHT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Rising Stars Progression Frameworks, Michael Tidd’s Key Objectives.


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