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Bett Finalists for a 3rd Year in Row!

Holding a pencil is hard work for Jenny, a five year old with cerebral palsy, but she refuses to give up. Her teacher, Mrs Cooper, works with her on a daily basis, using playdough to build up Jenny’s strength in her hand and improve her fine motor skills. After several months of grit and determination, Jenny is able to write a ‘J’. By end of the year, she can write her name legibly. Amazing progress! Yet at the end of the year, Jenny might only be given a disheartening ‘working towards expectations’ under the National Curriculum guidelines as she is unable to write a sentence.

The truth is, when you have a child with special educational needs the jumps up can be very small. In special schools, these needs can also be extremely varied. Classes may be smaller than in a mainstream school but children of the same age can possess a very wide range of abilities and challenges.

We are delighted to be Bett finalists for a 3rd year in row!

InfoMentor was designed to mimic the way special schools work, rather than the other way around, so it follows the planning, teaching and learning cycle. Uniquely it allows teachers to plan and assess against their own bespoke curriculum, breaking the steps of progress down to any level of detail that suits the school and students.

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