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4 Teacher Superpowers


4 Teacher Superpowers (that you’ll need to re-energise this September)

It’s official, August is gone. Your days are no longer to be whiled away in a sunglasses-wearing, book reading daze. The weather is about to take a turn but you’ll hardly notice – teachers are returning to the classroom for another sprint (or is that a marathon) of pedagogical prowess.

So, as you are recover from the first lessons of the academic year, it’s reassuring to remember that you’ve got some secret superpowers to fall back on. You might not be able to fly like Superman or stop ageing like Wolverine but mere mortals would be stunned if they knew the powers that you wield.

1 Brilliant bladder control

Your non-teacher friends have the luxury of going to the toilet whenever it suits them. Not so for the teacher – you’re lucky if you get to visit the ‘facilities’ at all during the school day.

‘But what about your free lessons?’ Pah! What are they? No end of teaching duties will consume those.

Of course, this super-power is vital because it goes hand-in-hand with the second power on our list…

2 Colossal caffeine consumption

Coffee is to teachers what Earth’s yellow sun is to Superman, a radioactive spider is to Spider-man and super-soldier serum is to Captain America.

Despite the rumours that teachers work from 8am-3pm, we know that these superheroes have time-keeping expectations that are somewhat beyond the ridiculous. A lack of time is the super-villain of the school universe, so long hours have to be fuelled by caffeine-powered blood.

3 Marvelous memory magic

Secondary teachers’ memory challenge? Hundreds of names. Primary teachers? Each child’s attainment in every subject. Tony Stark may be a genius in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but even he would shudder at the prospect of differentiating Mary Smith from Mary Smithe.

Professor X might be able to explore the world with just his mind but could he tell you that Jimmy is above expectations in history, struggling in geography, variable in mathematics, making acceptable progress in music, unfocused in languages, exceptional in English and enthusiastic in PE?

For a teacher, that’s a rough outline of the data. They could probably break it down to specific grades, levels, marks and ‘even better ifs’… and then do the same for all the other children in the class.

4 Reform realisation relish

Scrapping levels for descriptors? Swapping letter-grades for number-grades? Switching from one curriculum to the next? Blink and you’ll miss the announcement but teachers have got this under control.

Teachers could have been forgiven for treating recent education reform as Kryptonite. Instead, they knuckled-down and did the thing that superheroes do – make things The government may have made the plans but the teachers will be the ones that turn it into great outcomes.

Who are they making it better for? The people who really matter. When superheroes refer to ‘the little people’, they’re talking about you and me. Teachers are in the game for the genuinely little people – the children.

At InfoMentor, we know that teachers are superheroes but even the mightiest champions have sidekicks. We can help you navigate reforms and keep on top of data. And with all the time that you save, you’ll have more time to focus on teaching, learning and… well… going to the toilet.

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