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InfoMentor is an award winning curriculum focused learning solution.

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Who is InfoMentor for?


Who is InfoMentor for?

InfoMentor is for everyone involved in school life, including pupils, teachers, parents/carers, senior leaders and local authorities. The user interface is powerfully simple and responsive, making it easy for all users to access wherever and whenever they need it, on whichever device they choose.




How does it work?

InfoMentor is uniquely built upon the structure of curriculum and set within the framework of the teaching and learning cycle. This provides an environment that is truly focused on teaching and learning. With InfoMentor you can be confident that all pupils are guided and encouraged to progress through a broad and balanced curriculum.
What is InfoMentor


 Key Features


Raise standards of teaching and learning

Flexible template management, productivity and planning tools.

Improve efficiency while managing standards, quality and create consistency of practice.

  • —Raise standards of teaching and learning
  • —Manage quality and create consistency of practice
  • —Improve efficiency and process
  • Reduce administration overheads
  • —Simplify planning and assessment



Pre-populated with curricula, curriculum management and coverage tools.

Achieve a smooth transition to a new curriculum.

  • Build confidence in staff to work with a new curriculum
  • Ensure all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Enable senior leaders to manage and adapt the curriculum
  • —Provide guidance notes and examples of how to teach the curriculum
  • —Monitor curriculum coverage in real time
  • Raise standards of teaching and learning


Evidence pupil progress

Enhanced pupil tracking, portfolios and reporting with comments, history and evidence.

Evidence pupils’ progress and demonstrate impact of interventions.

  • Evidence pupil progress, even over short periods of time —
  • Demonstrate impact of interventions including Pupil Premium —
  • Use assessment to inform next steps for learning
  • Identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses
  • Be ready for Ofsted!



Co-author and share planning, messaging, SMS, pupil and parent interface.

Enable focused collaboration in a safe environment.

  • Share knowledge, learning and best practice across school(s)
  • Enable everyone in school to work together to achieve shared goals
  • Improve communication across your school(s)
  • Engage pupils, parents and carers in school life and learning




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