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InfoMentor launches tools that help teachers every day
Plan, Teach, Assess, Report and Collaborate. These are just some of the things teachers do every day and during evenings, weekends and holidays. A DfE study, ‘Teachers’ workload diary survey 2010’ shows that UK teachers spend on average 10 hours per week working outside of school.
InfoMentor´s online and mobile solutions bring together tools across a school or a group of schools in one secure, easy to access place. This makes tasks easier for teachers every day. InfoMentor will be shown at BETT in London, 30 January to 2 February, stand B182.

Helping pupils reach their full potential is the overall mission for teachers. However, many teachers find that the work with planning, tracking, assessing and reporting take so much time that it actually interferes with their ability to focus on learning.
At the same time many headteachers and teachers experience technology solutions that promise so much but never deliver. They always seem to focus on the future rather than what is needed now for the day to day work teachers do.
This background was the starting point for InfoMentor.  
Helping teachers, academies and clusters
InfoMentor was launched to UK schools in 2012. Paul Osborne, CEO of InfoMentor UK says: “The response from schools and academies has been overwhelming. InfoMentor is clearly something that is very different and is really useful to teachers now.”

Frances Parkinson, a teacher in one of InfoMentor’s early adopter schools points out, “InfoMentor saves so much time and make things easier for me. I can spend more time on teaching than I have ever been able to.”
Learn, Plan, Teach, Assess, Report and Collaborate
InfoMentor is an online and mobile solution creating the right conditions for learning. Teachers spend their time on planning, teaching, assessing, reporting and collaborating, often using several electronic or paper based systems. InfoMentor unites all of these functions in one platform.